#RTalks with Aishwarya Goel, Co-Founder — PeakPerformer

Rishav Kumar
3 min readMay 16, 2020


After taking a break from digital media for few years now, I felt it’s the right time for a comeback. Hence, I started with a series of blog to cover stories, experiences & struggles of entrepreneurs, artists, influencers and people from from various other fields.

In the first episode of #RTalks today, I invited my old friend Aishwarya, who is an entrepreneur by profession. She is the Co-Founder at PeakPerformer and has previously worked at Digifynd, WeWork, PhonePe & Trupay. She has also been a receiver of “SheCEO Award” by Nasscom in 2015 and “Young Entrepreneur Award” by the Rajasthan Royals team in 2014.

Video link here — bit.ly/rtalks01

We had a candid chat about student entrepreneurship, how is feels to start in college, some insights on job market due to COVID-19 scenario and some top skills to learn during this lockdown.

You may watch the entire episode on Youtube. I am also highlighting few key insights and takeaways from this show below:

  1. When you startup as a student, there are certain challenges since you don’t come up with prior experiences. However, at any stage in the entrepreneurship journey you always face different challenges so it is important to fight situations and learn from all these experiences.
  2. Hiring has taken a hit, in fact, companies are laying off employees/interns and it is not very good scenario currently due to COVID-19. For next few months, it is expected to remain same. In some sectors like hospitality and aviation maybe this slowdown will last longer.
  3. Digital marketing and content space has seen growth and there are few other sectors as well that has picked up right now which includes e-learning, e-commerce etc. In near future, businesses are expected to go more digital-friendly and hence hiring for digital marketing roles, growth hackers, content strategy, analytics etc is expected to rise.
  4. At this point, since a lot of freshers have graduated and many have lost jobs as well — the supply is on the higher side and demand seems to be on the lower end because companies are not hiring aggressively. Hence, it will take few months for the market to again get back to where we stopped in March.
  5. During this phase, the biggest advice for all the people looking for jobs or planning to change is to upgrade their skills. E-learning is highly affordable and it the perfect time to invest in various courses that can put you in a better situation in coming days.

In my previous blog, I have talked about few top courses which you can pursue during this period. While many courses are available for free, if you’re planning to take up a paid course on Udemy, Eduonix etc or planning to pursue an e-degree from Upgrad, you may go via CashKaro as we give cashback over and above the discounts running on these platforms (and you can transfer the cashback later to your bank account). Signup on CashKaro here.

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Aishwarya also raised a seed round for her venture PeakPerformer. Read more about it on YourStory!



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