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We stand at a stage where the entire world is facing the aftermath and the outbreak of COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Even the developed nations are apprehensive on handling and moderating ways to combat this threat. While different nations are adapting different strategies, there is one WHO guideline that is followed unanimously, social distancing in the face of Lock Down. Our government has succeeded in imposing it across the country too. This has a significant stance, if we look at the spread scientifically and its dangerous nature of spreading and amplifying, this is the only tactical solution is to break the chain of this virus that spreads through social connection.

In this scenario, all colleges have closed their gates and all offices are practicing work from home. I am also working from home and believe me, after few days it becomes quite boring. Netflix can entertain for certain period but when this extends to over 3 weeks, it doesn’t feel the same – after all, we are used to a moving life and putting a break all of a sudden can prove to be quite challenging.

An ideal way to utilize this time is to take up things which we tend to miss in our normal routine. One of these things is to add value to the skills we possess – which means – learning the art we always wanted to, taking that advance course we thought of but never did, training ourselves to make our work more efficient when routine kicks back and building a solid path for our career. Since the businesses are suffering due to the lock-down and economists fear recession, for those who are in final grades and will look out for jobs this summer - the market won’t be as bright. This makes it even more important for job seekers to manage this time productively. In order to build an edge, it is must to upgrade your skill-set so that you are already a step ahead.

I was browsing through some online courses and came across a lot of programs which you can meet the purpose and thereafter grow your professional toolkit.

Here are some of my recommendations of available courses with heavy discounts:

  • Excel Courses like - Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modelling and Valuation
    You can search this on Udemy -
    Price for this course is Rs 12,480 but currently selling at Rs 385 only!

My grandfather often said - “time and tide wait for none”. This is absolutely true – it waits for no one and big time we realize that there are lot of ways to utilize this lock-down and learning is one of those! It takes 21 days only to build any habit after all!

Here are few FREE Udemy courses (limited options) –

If you wish to recommend more courses to anyone reading this article, please post in comments section below. Happy learning!



Building EarnKaro | 10K+ LinkedIn; 50K+ Quora views | Ex-Founder @UniversityExp (acquired) | Social: @08rishav

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Rishav Kumar

Building EarnKaro | 10K+ LinkedIn; 50K+ Quora views | Ex-Founder @UniversityExp (acquired) | Social: @08rishav