How I slashed 50% of my monthly expenditure and earned over 14,000 by shopping online!

Rishav Kumar
3 min readJun 13, 2021


Well, at first this might sound like a clickbait headline but let me assure you, this isn’t. I always used to shop online, however, post Covid it has been the only medium of getting necessities atleast in metro. On a monthly basis, I shop groceries, some medicines, cosmetics and wellness products. If I calculate my annual online spend, it also includes clothing, electronics, gadgets, accessories, flights, hotel stays, stock trading, etc. You can also calculate your spend by just summing up all these expenses. Never realised we spend so much, right? Anyway, we usually keep a record of major expenses while other petty expenses are just ignored.

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From a couple of years, I have been working closely with several e-commerce companies, and one thing that I have realised is that at a scale it is much cheaper than offline shopping. There are various sales and deals that float in the market on a daily basis. I also run a Telegram group where you can find real time updates on top deals, join here. In last couple of years, given my insights about online sales, I have been able to save at least 30–40% of my spend + additional cashback from CashKaro, in various cases. I can’t get rid of the marketer within me, but this is not promotional. There are many cashback sites that run in the market — you may simply google and use any! The basic model for a cashback site is ‘affiliate’ which means, whenever a sale is driven via the cashback website, they make certain commission which is then shared with the buyer. This means, whatever I have purchased via CashKaro (which anyway I would have purchased), got CashKaro some commission which was then passed to me. Good part — unlike cashbacks paid in other payment applications, entire cashback in CashKaro account can be directly transferred to bank account / or redeemed in the form of Amazon gift card.

This means, by just keeping a track of online sale and transacting via CashKaro, I have saved X% discount + Y% cashback.

Sharing some screenshots on my CashKaro cashback account for this year(I use multiple numbers, hence multiple accounts, hence multiple screenshots):

CashKaro Account 1
CashKaro Account 2

This is Rs 14,141.46 worth of cashback on shopping that I would have anyways done!

My recent purchases was made from The Man Company for a combo of body perfumes, as a gift for my father. Here is the deal:

Shop here —, use code: TMC25 for best discount!

The MRP for this box was Rs 1,047. At 25% off (using code TMC25), the final price became Rs 785.25. On this purchase, I earned 15% cashback of Rs 117.78 — this makes the effective price = 667.46 (which is approximately 36%). Apart from this, as a part of this crazy flash sale, I also got a free perfume worth Rs 599. Now, this makes the benefit = whooping 93%!

Similarly, in many other things that I shop these days, discounts + cashbacks on top of it, has reduced my monthly expenses by almost half! Even if e-commerce reduces such massive discounts in future, cashbacks will still run and help you save more.

With this blog, my intent is not to promote CashKaro, but is to spread awareness about how can you optimize you savings via cashbacks on online shopping!

If you find this helpful, and want to stay updated about online deals & offers, just join my group on Telegram here — @realshoppersclub. Also, don’t forget to signup on CashKaro and explore the world of cashbacks! Kindly use my referral link to signup—click here.



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