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Rishav Kumar
2 min readMay 19, 2021


Upskill on Udemy — https://bit.ly/3u4SdD4

Well, I am writing this almost after a year. Last time I wrote was during COVID Wave 1 lockdown. The situation in our country is very bad, however it is improving, if numbers are to be believed. While the scenario outside is scary, one thing we can do at home is to upskill and be ready with a better version of ourselves.

Here are some of my course recommendations on Udemy, which is currently free of cost:

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  1. Learn Google Drive From Scratch : https://bit.ly/3gkiXf7
  2. Practical Git: for Absolute Beginners : https://bit.ly/2RQMLXv
  3. CISSP Certification Practice Exams 2021 with Explanation : https://bit.ly/3cBRVh4
  4. Complete course in AutoCAD : 2D and 3D : https://bit.ly/3cGAhZM
  5. Complete Course in AutoCAD Electrical 2021 : https://bit.ly/3vigDcL
  6. Learn Machine Learning in 21 Days : https://bit.ly/3vpi1KF
  7. Learn Flutter and Dart to create Android and IOS apps : https://bit.ly/3gpyFpD
  8. Real Estate Institutional Investing Introductory Course: https://bit.ly/3ghkseb
  9. Learn To Focus: Meditation & Mindfulness For ADHD: https://bit.ly/35uIBb7
  10. Cryptocurrency Course: Learn to Make Money Online WORLDWIDE!: https://bit.ly/3pMHlt8
  11. SQL Bootcamp with MySQL, PHP & Python : 5 Courses in 1 : https://bit.ly/3vqXrtK
  12. Build A Search Engine With Python: Computer Science & Python : https://bit.ly/3gjSoXD
  13. Internet : An Amazing Communication Technology in Your Life: https://bit.ly/2Ts7Wzk
  14. OBS Studio — Ultimate Livestreaming Guide to OBS Studio: https://bit.ly/3zqpsVt
  15. PowerBI Zero to Hero : https://bit.ly/3pOugiQ
  16. Adobe Lightroom For Beginners : Complete Photo/Image Editing: https://bit.ly/35emqpi
  17. Understanding Our Emotions : https://bit.ly/3xiGAuq
  18. Introduction to Crude Oil Market : https://bit.ly/2TShiEP
  19. SQL for beginners with sad PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server ) : https://bit.ly/35gUCAG
  20. Arabic Language: The most comprehensive Arabic course 2021 : https://bit.ly/3zodqvO
  21. 2021 YouTube Channel Success — Fast track guide to YouTube : https://bit.ly/3iL1Gxc

Apart from these free courses, Udemy has some awesome paid courses as well, starting at Rs 385 only. You may choose to pursue and get certified for one of the top skills. Check out their site here — https://bit.ly/3u4SdD4

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